Deer Arrow Head of design

Lauren Pinkstone

Lauren is not only one of Deer Arrow's creators, she is also our main designer. She loves bringing whimsy and a little bit of magic into each one of her designs. Lauren loves varying themes and she is always asking the rest of the team for ideas.


Gemini.H is a French self-taught artist, she specialises in portraits. We have done multiple releases with Gemini.H, she has designed the portrait collections that Deer Arrow is so well known for. Gemini.H's unique art style translates perfectly to brooches. Her designs often take us back to the early and mid nineteen hundreds, she is influenced by Art Nouveau.
Instagram: @art_of_geminih


Kelly McMahon

Kelly is an illustrator and graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. She specialise in minimalist illustrations of female pop-culture icons. Kelly designed some enchanted brooches for Deer Arrow. Her artwork translates perfectly to brooches.

Instagram: @kmmcmdraws


Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith is a Sydney based illustrator and designer whose charm-filled, hands-on work recalls a lost innocence rarely seen in today’s fast-paced times. Hers is a world rich in storytelling; each illustration drawing the viewer in to take a closer look, resulting in an unexpected (yet always welcome) ‘smile in the mind’.   Andrea’s handmade collages are assembled from her large collection of hand painted papers, giving new life to forgotten tactile beauty. It’s this one-of-a-kind charm seen throughout Andrea’s designs - whether collage, paper cut, or textile print - that capture the imagination and give it flight in ways that words often can’t.

Instagram: @andreasmith_illustration

Lorri McPherson

Lorri McPherson is a commercial graphic designer by day and an avid broochie by night. She is an experienced acrylic jewellery designer with a passion for animals (particularly guinea pigs), vintage fashion and all things cute and quirky. 

Instagram: @lorri.mcpherson